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Alternative Options Sinks

Wall-hung sinks are practical, stylish and easy to clean and certainly growing in popularity. Unlike the more conventional pedestal sink, they do not touch the floor which frees up floor space and makes the bathroom feel larger. It's also very easy to clean underneath them.

One of the other major benefits to a wall-hung sink is the freedom you have to fix it at a height which suits you, but remember that the wall to which you fix it must be strong enough to bear the weight of the basin and the volume of water it holds. Ideally this would be a solid structural wall, although a stud wall will work provided the sink is firmly fixed to the timber framework.

You can choose a wall-hung sink in many different shapes and sizes, but the width is fairly consistent at around 50-60cm. There are some striking larger alternatives available, over a metre wide at times, which will certainly take centre stage in your bathroom.

Since it is likely that the pipework and plumbing will be visible with a wall-hung sink, you can either make a feature out of it by incorporating stylish chrome fittings and pipe covers, or conceal it altogether behind a wall-hung or semi-pedestal, as Heritage have done with the Ravoque Wall-Hung sink, shown here.

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