Bathroom sinks and basins including pedestal, wall hung, vanity, oversized and small cloakroom sinks available in materials such as ceramic, glass, steel, stone, wood and marble, cupboard and cabinets.
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Bathroom Sinks

The bathroom sink is one area of the bathroom which can really make an impact on the whole design. It needs to function well but it doesn't have to be boring, and since manufacturers will often have variations of the same sink in different shapes and sizes, such as pedestal , wall-hung , vanity or cloakroom sinks, there are many more options available to you within a particular style. It's always worth enquiring as to what is available so that you find the sink which suits your lifestyle and personal taste as well as your bathroom size and budget.

When planning your bathroom, you need to use the space wisely and keep the fixtures and fittings in proportion to the size of the room. If you are fitting a small bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite, there are sinks which are designed specifically for that purpose. Larger bathrooms can carry the more modern oversized sinks, or maybe you want to install more than one to speed up those busy mornings!

Flexibility and choice are very important so sinks may be supplied with 1, 2 or 3 tapholes which allows you to select alternative tap configurations to the conventional pair of pillar taps. Remember though to check that the taps you choose will fit the sink, because although the size of the taphole will be constant from sink to sink, the amount of space the base of the tap takes up may differ. This is particularly important with sinks with a narrow tapledge. Of course if you opt for a sink without tapholes, you could install wall-mounted taps instead.


Ceramic is by far the most popular and affordable material used in the manufacture of sinks, and is the most hygienic and durable. Provided you look after it properly, remove limescale buildup and take care to avoid any accidental damage it will still look as good as new after 10 years use.

Stylish alternatives such as glass or steel will need more work to keep them looking good. Toughened glass is a strong as ceramic and no longer carries the high price ticket it used to, but needs to be wiped clean after every use to remove watermarks. Steel has an industrial chic quality to it and is impossible to chip, but it can be easily scratched, so take care when cleaning the surface. Stone and marble may look fantastic and make your bathroom the envy of all your friends, but it is extremely heavy and will definitely blow the budget.

Wood has begun to be used to produce very individual sinks in an organic twist to the 'neutral and natural' theme to bathroom design, with the advantage that it will not break if you drop something into it. The colour will change though and generally darken with age, although strong sunlight will bleach the wood, so if you prefer a consistent look then it probably won't be your first choice.

Bathroom Sink types

Cloakroom & En-suite Sinks

Cloakroom basins will typically measure between 40 and 50cm wide and project 30-35cm into the room. Click cloakroom & en-suite sinks for more information.

Bathroom Vanity Sinks

Vanity sinks offer the best of everything - a generous bowl area which is well supported by a practical storage area below. Click vanity sinks for more information.

Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal sinks are probably the most frequently found type of sink in bathrooms across the UK. Click pedestal sinks for more information.

Alternative Options Sinks

Unlike the more conventional pedestal sink, they do not touch the floor which frees up floor space and makes the bathroom feel larger. Click alternative sinks for more information.

Additional information

If you cannot find what you are looking for or need further assistance in selecting bathroom sinks, please contact us.

Click on bathroom suppliers for a list of your nearest local suppliers of quality bathrooms and bathroom accessories throughout the uk.

Click here for more information on sinks

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