Bathroom space saver designs including space saving products such as multi funtional fittings and furniture, corner bath tubs, sinks and toilets and high level storage cupboards.
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Space Saving Bathrooms

The Challenge of Limited Space

The need for practical space saving bathroom products is not new – bathrooms have always been one of the smallest rooms in the house. Sometimes we create these small rooms ourselves by turning an understairs cupboard into a shower room, or adapt two rooms into three to include an en-suite bathroom. We always want more than we have it seems. But what is different today is the desire for functional space-efficient ideas which are attractive and stylish too.

With careful planning and the right products your small bathroom can still contain all the necessary pieces including sink, toilet, bath and shower, even luxuries such as a heated towel rail, and be used every day.

Product Suggestions

Products which have more than one function, such as baths which are also shower enclosures, or vanity units which are also laundry baskets are growing in popularity because of our need to maximise on space. Using wall-hung sinks, toilets and bidets will free up floor space and create the illusion of a larger room, tapered baths and shower enclosures are generous where it’s needed whilst making room for other products, and slimline furniture units give you that all-important storage space without dominating the room.

You can make the most of the corners of the room by using products designed specifically for that space – whether it be sinks, toilets, vanity units or heated rails. See how the Rhyland en-suite here uses a corner sink, wall-mounted heated towel rail and shower enclosure set into an alcove to make the most efficient use of the space.

Compact sanitaryware can also help to keep the room feeling uncluttered, but a compact basin needs compact basin taps or a mixer. If the taps are not kept in proportion to the size of the basin, the overall look will be disjointed. Have a look at the Bristan Prism compact basin mixer for inspiration, click here for image.

The Unity Showerbath from Heritage is a great example of when you want the best of both worlds. With a generous 90cm wide showering area at one end which narrows to just 70cm at the other, you can have a comfortable shower every day, and take a long soak every now and then. If you are prepared to get rid of the bath entirely, the Unity walk-in shower enclosure from Heritage is a great replacement. Both items can be purchased as left or right hand options to suit your bathroom giving you as much flexibility as possible.

Finishing Touches

There are many decorating and design tips you can employ to further increase the feeling of space, such as light colours on the wall and plenty of reflective surfaces. Keep the use of strong colours to a minimum and don’t overcrowd surfaces with toiletries and cosmetics.

Additional information

If you cannot find what you are looking for or need further assistance please contact us.

Click on bathroom suppliers for a list of your nearest local suppliers of quality bathrooms and bathroom accessories throughout the uk.

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