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Case Studies

Case study 1 - Space is limited
Case study 2 - A wetroom might be just the thing
Case study 3 - Make the most of this space to get rid of all my clutter
Case study 4 - Interested in getting a whirlpool bath

1 Case Study 1

The Problem:
I’d really love to replicate the chic hotel look in my ensuite bathroom but space is limited!

Mrs Pemberton, Somerset

The Solution:
Many hotels have opted for floor to ceiling tiles and installed wetrooms, which make a strong design statement but are also perfect for situations where space is an issue. A wetroom is basically defined as an area or room that has been completely sealed and waterproofed so that it can be flooded with water. Not all wetrooms are completely open - some people prefer to partially screen the area with a glass panel in order to create a 'dry zone'. To create a wetroom you will first need to 'tank' the room with an impermeable 'skin' or alternatively, install a sunken tray and treat the area with sealant. If this is not an option, you could go for an enclosure with one of the new slimline shower trays for a more modern look.

Alternatively, you could opt for the heavyweight luxury of a cast iron bath or even indulge with a whirlpool bath system (see Case Study 4 below for more information).

For sanitaryware, opt for simple timeless shapes, and look for full back to wall WCs which hide unsightly pipework and help to create that sleek, minimalist look we see in all the trendiest hotels.

Finishing touches such as up-to-the-minute chrome taps, a striking towel warmer and mirror will also help create that luxurious atmosphere that will make you feel as though you're coming home to five star treatment every day of the week!

Top Tips:

  • Creating a mood board is a great way to visualise how the final room will look
  • Check out our easy to use bathroom planner if space is an issue

2 Case Study 2

The Problem:
We’re redecorating a bathroom for my seventy year old father, who though still quite active has some difficulty standing up and sitting down without help. He likes showering and I’ve heard a wetroom might be just the thing – please can you help?

Mr A Howe, Chippenham

The Solution:
Higher-level WC pans and taller pedestals are ideal for people who may struggle to get up and down. Specialist raised WC seats are also available.

As you say a wetroom would be a really good solution for someone with mobility problems, though you will need to consider if it will be possible to install in your home (see Case Study 1 above for more details). If there are problems with installing a full wetroom, a walk-in enclosure with slimline shower tray will still be very easy to negotiate. We would recommend installing plenty of grab rails, and also a shower seat so that your father does not necessarily have to stand. Opt for suitable flooring which will be less slippery when wet.

Top Tips:

  • Be wary of inward-opening doors when considering a shower enclosure for the elderly or infirm, because if they slip and fall whilst in the shower it may be difficult to open the door to help
  • An enclosure with a curved screen and optional side panel, i.e. no moving parts, keeps it very simple and straightforward too. This will also help to stop the bathroom floor from getting wet and slippery
  • When installing a new shower kit, think about the safety aspects. Check that the valve has a maximum temperature stop to prevent scalding and a safety shutdown device in case the cold water fails when you open the shower door

3 Case Study 3

The Problem:
I wish to install a vanity and WC Unit in a 1150mm recessed space. Is there a suitable product available, and how can I make the most of this space to get rid of all my clutter?

Mrs L Shand, Manchester

The Solution:
The options for bathroom furniture are really limitless these days, with companies such as Shades and Heritage providing a whole host of designs to suit your needs. There is a whole range of different fitted furniture options, which can help you make the most of an awkward bathroom space.

Slimline vanity and WC units are available; with any gap left you could install a shelf pack or cut a filler shelf down to size. Over the sink add more storage with a mirrored or illuminated cabinet, and for a ‘seamless’ bathroom look, add a continuous worktop and plinth.

Use our bathroom planner to help look at the space available to you.

Top Tips:

  • Light, reflective surfaces can help by giving the illusion of a bigger space
  • If installing a continuous worktop over a WC Unit, make sure you opt for a front access cistern for ease of maintenance
  • Choose a complimentary laminate floor to go with your furniture, or opt for easy-to-clean tiling in a neutral shade
  • Consider clever storage solutions, featuring pull-out drawers, soft-close doors and hidden shelving, to maximise your bathroom’s potential

4 Case Study 4

The Problem:
I’m really interested in getting a whirlpool bath but unsure of the practicality – do I need a special water supply to have a whirlpool bath, and how do I install and look after it?

C Wainwright, Somerset

The Solution:
Whirlpool baths utilise standard hot and cold supplies found in all households, so you will not need a special water supply to have one.

When thinking about installing a whirlpool bath you should consider prior to purchase whether the floor is level and stable enough to bear the weight of the bath. You should also take into account how you will access the system underneath for servicing the motor and pipes; most manufacturers supply bath panels with the baths, which can be easily removed for access to the system. Always use a qualified electrician for the installation of electrical devices such as sockets and switches. Refer to the manufacturer for cleaning instructions, as most advice will vary depending on the exact bath you buy, but all will recommend periodic cleaning to sanitize the whole system.

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