Bathroom products including a range of contemporary bathroom toilets, available in wall hung, minimalist styles, dual flush operation toilet for water conservation, Heritage.
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Contemporary Toilets

A wall-hung toilet is probably the most contemporary or modern design of toilet. It appears to float on the wall and the cistern is usually hidden in a furniture unit or within a stud wall. One major advantage to this is the freedom it offers to set the pan at a comfortable height, although since the pan is suspended it should be supported by a strong metal frame within the wall or unit.

The design of the toilet is usually very sleek, or perhaps a very striking shape, and has very little in the way of fussy or over-detailed features - the trend is very much for the minimalist approach where less is more. However, even if the toilet stands on the floor it can still be considered contemporary particularly if the cistern is portrait, i.e. is tall and slim rather than wide and rectangular. It most probably has a push-button on the top which activates the flush, and this may be a split into two so that you can choose a short flush and reduce the amount of water you use.

Heritage have several contemporary designs which satisfy all these requirements, such as the Varronne, with its soft curves, and the sleek-looking Ravoque shown here.

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