Bathroom products guide with information on choosing bath tubs including freestanding baths available in cast iron and acrylic material, victorian style roll top and slipper designs, Heritage.
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Freestanding Baths

Kent Slipper

Freestanding baths, as their name suggests, are not built in but stand independently in the room, usually on a set of stylish feet or a cradle. Roll Top and Slipper baths are reminiscent of a Victorian-style and are therefore very popular for those looking for a traditional-style bathroom. Sizes can vary but are usually around 1.7m by 0.77m but remember that cast iron is extremely heavy - you must check that your floor is strong enough before you purchase.

The look of a freestanding bath would be spoilt by using general plumbing fixtures, so take advantage of the more decorative items such as plated overflow and waste pipes, shallow traps and standpipes, as shown here with this Kent Slipper bath from Heritage, to enhance the look.

Perth Acrylic Roll Top bath

Acrylic freestanding baths are now more widely available and can have the same dramatic effect as their cast iron equivalents, but can be manipulated to form more intricate designs, they are not as heavy and bear all the other benefits of acrylic as a bath material. You no longer have to spend hours trawling salvage yards to find an antique style roll-top bath; the Perth Acrylic Roll Top bath from Heritage proves how a modern can be made to reflect a traditional style.



Madeira tempusMadeira

Heritage Bathroom's chic bateau-style Madeira freestanding bath is perfect for two to share and its easy-to-paint exterior means that you can choose virtually any colour to really personalise your bathroom's décor. The timeless bateau-style bath was named by the French because of its similarity to a small boat and is a popular choice for romantic couples who can share a relaxing soak without having to fight over avoiding the 'tap end'! Offering spacious double-ended bathing in a luxuriously deep tub, Heritage Bathroom's Madeira bateau-style bath is constructed from robust cast iron and boasts an easy to paint exterior that allows you to customise it to suit your bathroom décor.

Sitting on an integral plinth, which is great for easy cleaning, the gently sloping sides have a sculptural feel that is certain to ensure the Madeira freestanding bath takes centre stage in any bathroom.

It measures 1610mm x 605mm (internal dimensions) and is designed to be used with wall hung or floor mounted brassware.

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