UK bathroom toilets design guide including back to wall toilets featuring concealed cisterns and pipework in a furniture unit for the fitted toilet look.
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Alternative Toilets

Another style of toilet which might appeal to you is a back-to-wall toilet. This is very similar to a low-level toilet in that the cistern connects to the pan by way of a short flushpipe, but the cistern and all the pipework are concealed within a furniture unit or stud wall. Since the cistern and pipework are not on show, you can keep costs down by using plastic pieces rather than ceramic and metal plated versions.

Back-to-wall toilet

The toilet pan fits flush to the furniture unit or stud wall and the flush is activated by way of a handle to the front, or a push-button on top (if you do have a stud wall then you will need to incorporate a flat horizontal surface to fit the push-button). There is usually some kind of access panel included with furniture units so that you can get to the cistern if you spring a leak.

This fitted look is becoming very popular and you can usually find toilet designs in both traditional and contemporary styles. Shown here is an example of a back-to-wall toilet from the Heritage Belmonte range.

Dorchester Cloakroom

Different manufacturers have recognised the need to make the most out of the space available in bathrooms, and the corner of a room can sometimes be wasted space.

A corner toilet may give you more flexibility in the way you can combine it with other products in your bathroom. Here the Dorchester Cloakroom suite from Heritage uses a corner pan with a run of furniture, but even in such a narrow room, you can still make use of everything in comfort.

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